The four songs on this EP are the outcome of a research- and learning project. During the several lockdowns and confronted with the changing musical landscape and the changing cultural and social atmosphere because of Covid in the last 2 years, I stopped playing live concerts almost completely and started to dive deeper in the production process of my music - which led to quite some changes!

The new songs have german lyrics and no guitar...

At the beginning of this time, in march 2020, I made a photo passing a construction site in Leipzig, which had a lot of trees on it. The trees had no leaves yet, because it was early spring. But instead they were covered with green nets to preserve them from the construction work, I thought. The house is now (may 2022) erected and the trees were cut in the end. No trees on this street corner anymore:

The picture of these masked trees stuck with me.


The unnatural green of the nets, these trees that were not ill, but had to be covered to preserve them... with unknown outcome, with a twisted ending. Trees had already been a theme for me for a while, because of the climate change. I grew up in the 70ies and 80ies, and the dying trees were a big topic back then. Already back then...

And now, as the climate change is already perceptible in everyday life, not only for trees, but for everybody who goes out on the street or lives in an overheated flat in the summer. Trees are being destroyed and cut because of the new extreme weather, again and again.

Back to Tanne_X: In winter 2020/2021 I went and lived with my family for five month, and had Christmas with them. There was a lot of snow in February 2021, and we went for wonderful snowy walks in some little hills in the countryside surrounding Berlin. With us: All of my three nephews.

The hills were full of pine trees, and the snow made everything look very fairytale like. So much trees, interchangeable in the snow.

I was the aunt for my nephews, something new for me. Aunt is „Tante“ in german. And a fir tree is called „Tanne“. Slowly but surely there was a tree, an interchangeable, aunt-like tree in my head: „Tanne_X". The logo I did for the EP-cover was inevitably a „Tanne“, and it's a fir tree racing downhill, into an unknown future, enjoying the ride.

Another line of thought came from a picture. „Das Gericht der Tannen“ - „the judgement of the trees“ (very free translation) is the title of a drawing of a friend of mine, the artist Andrea Werner. In a snowy mountain landscape you see a skier racing downhill, surrounded only by the snowy mountain trees.

While I was working on the songs, I also went to do some construction work in a garden nearby. The garden has a fir tree lookalike, which I had to cut down.

And finally, at the end of the 2021/2022 winter, in February, I found a cardboard Christmas Tree out in the street, ready for the garbage collection. I took it with me :-).




Funding was part of „Neustart Kultur“