1. CD 2018: CATFISH

    Released on Band­camp Febru­ary 28, 2018

    Cover Catfish 500

    All songs writ­ten by Akeli

    Recor­ded in Lud­wigs­burg:
    Lead­gui­tar on 1–7, 9: Earl Grey
    Drums/ Per­cus­sion: Stef­fen Roth
    Pedal Steel, Man­do­lin: Ste­fan Rol­ler
    Voice, Song­wri­t­ing, basic Gui­tar: Akeli
    Bass 1, 3–5, 7–9: Seve­rin Thei­nert

    Recor­ded in Ber­lin:
    Base on 2 + 6: Joe Arm­strong
    Lead­gui­tar on 8: Mar­cus Fis­ter
    Gui­tar and Vocals on 10: Akeli

    Pro­duc­tion: Seve­rin Thei­nert, Mar­cus Fis­ter, Akeli
    Mixing, Mas­te­ring: Mar­cus Fister

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  2. The chance of going to the stu­dio with such gif­ted musi­ci­ans as Ald­tie Mann and Marpa Shold was a great oppor­tu­nity to lay down the songs assem­bled over the last 10 years in this spar­cely instru­men­ted but care­fully arran­ged acoustic ver­si­ons at the “One Mil­lion Mangos”-Studio.

    Erhältlich/available via www​.akeli​.band​camp​.com

    Voice, Song­wri­t­ing and Gui­tar: Akeli
    Base: Marpa Shold
    Drums: Ald­tie Mann

    Cover Paperback

  3. Down­load and Lis­ten via www​.akeli​.band​camp​.com -

    Songs, lyrics, voice and rhythm­gui­tar: Akeli
    Base and Lead­gui­tar: Paul Wil­kin­son
    Drums: Tom Osan­der
    Harp: Anette
    Pro­duc­tion: Paul Pilot
    Mas­te­ring: Andre Dari­en­ski
    Cover/ Logo: 5upleft


    Cover Art BERLIN MITTE BLUES by Roman Klonek

    Art­work: Roman Klo­nek (www​.klo​nek​.de)

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  4. Folk Hopi Cover Hand

    Artwork/ Inlay: Inka (www​.jigg​.de)

    Folk Hopi
    Sunny Back Cafe

    – selfproduced -

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  5. Crocodile Cover

    2007– self­pro­du­ced — out of stock
    Art­work: Akeli

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